The gun store
The Gun Store EU is a fully licensed importer and exporter of firearms.
We assist some of the largest companies in the industry with international trade processes as well as ensuring proper end-user delivery.
Assistance is frequently provided to foreign entities through the import/export of firearms, tactical equipment, and gear.
Through standing trade relationships, Armeria Frinchillucci supports companies working to establish their brand or products within Italy or overseas.
Armeria Frinchillucci experienced staff works directly with State Department officials and will make international trade arrangements with any approved entity.
Armeria Frinchillucci is the clear choice for your global purchasing and distribution needs.

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We work with:
•    Individuals
•    Commercial Dealers/Distributors
•    Law Enforcement Agencies
•    Military
•    Government Agencies

We specialize in international business with:
•    Firearms
•    Ammunition
•    Night Vision
•    Optics
•    Body Armor
•    Tactical wear
•    Hunting clothing
•    Holsters
•    Knives

Our services include:
•    Export
•    Import
•    Sales
•    Special Orders
•    Custom Firearm Finishes
•    Custom Knives Finishes