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Includes three subsidiaries and is among the industry’s biggest producers of little arms. Taurus Firearms unites the abilities of a highly-skilled workforce and groundbreaking technologies to provide a few of the strongest and dependable handguns offered in the EUROPE marketplace. From classic single-action revolvers to advanced semi-auto pistols, Taurus handguns are well-suited for concealed carry, searching, and home protection. Also, the firm also supplies an industry-first repair coverage, which has not yet been surpassed by any other manufacturer.

Taurus Pistols

Taurus pistols have experienced a long and distinguished history. The well-known and popular Taurus 92 is modeled following the exact same sidearm issued into our armed forces, but with improvements to improve durability, reliability, and precision. Taurus is also innovating in polymer-frame handgun design together with the Millennium Pro collection of pistols that include a manual safety and the unique Taurus Security System. Taurus also generates a complete line of little frame pistols for optimum concealability and maximum reliability.

Taurus Revolvers

Taurus Revolvers are broadly known as the very best in the market for more than seven years. At that moment, Taurus has initiated the art of this wheel gun with attributes such as the yoke detent, full-length ejector rod, and the Taurus Security System, and also firearms including the famous Taurus Raging Bull set of searching handguns. These lightweight, full-power handguns stay as the top that can be obtained.

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