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Our Range Officer® Champion™ is a perfect fit for those looking for a concealable 1911 that won’t weigh them down. While a normal, all steel 1911 can weigh over two and a half pounds empty, the 9mm Champion™ tips the scales at just 31.5 ounces. The .45ACP model weighs in even less at just 30 ounces, thanks to the bigger hole in the barrel. That’s quite a difference when it’s on the hip all day.

While the overall height is the same as that of the Range Officer® Operator®, the Champion™ includes a four-inch stainless steel match grade barrel as opposed to the Government size five-inch barrel. In the Champion™, we use a bull barrel fitted to the slide that houses a supported ramp to save wear and tear on the frame over time. As a result, we can use lighter weight forged aluminum for the frame. That helps us shave weight for its intended carry mission.

The sights are all business, with a fiber optic up front and a low profile combat sight in the rear that won’t snag during the draw. For recoil control and function, we use a dual-spring assembly that allows us to control precisely the recoil impulse in this smaller package, thereby ensuring reliable function with a minimum of fuss to the shooter.

The Range Officer® Champion™ is available in 9mm and .45ACP. Both models ship with two magazines, seven rounds each for the .45ACP and nine rounds for the 9MM. Even though the Range Officer® Champion™ is smaller and lighter, you won’t have to sacrifice capacity for carry convenience.


More Information
SKU 178700723
UPC 706397912994
Brand Springfield
Model Name 1911 Range Officer
Caliber 9mm
Class Compact
Capacity 9+1
Barrel Length 4″
Length 7.6″
Weight 31.5oz
Sights Fiber Optic Front & Low-Profile Combat Rear
Grip Standard
Trigger Standard
Safety Manual Thumb
Finish Forged Steel, Parkerized
Condition New in Box


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